Friday, October 4, 2013

Pitch Wars ... announcing the mentors!

Pitch Wars seems forever away, but it will be here before you know it! What is Pitch Wars? Is it another contest? Oh, no, it's so much better. Pitch Wars is a contest where 46 published/agented authors, editors, or interns choose one writer each, read their manuscript, and offer suggestions to shine it up for agents. The mentors also critique the writer's pitch to get it ready for the agent round. Mentors will pick two alternates each in case their writer drops out of the contest. We'll hold a special alternate showcase on some of the mentors' blogs and the mentors will critique the alternates' pitches. 

Why am I announcing this contest so early? Cause writers will get to send applications (query and first page of manuscript) to four mentors and I want you all to have time to get to know our mentors and decide which ones would be the best fit for you.

I will have more details up soon about formatting, agents, and specific mentors' wishlists. So get your manuscripts finished and your queries ready.

Here's the schedule ...
  • 11/20 Mentor's post bios and wishlists
  • 12/2: Submission Window
  • 12/3 -12/10: Mentors read their applications 
  • 12/11: Mentor's announce their picks 
  • 12/11 -1/17: Mentors work with their writers 
  • 1/22-1/23 Agent Round
 And here are the FANTABULOUS mentors ...

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  1. I have a lot of writing and editing to do.....:-)

  2. Wow! What a great list of mentors! I'm off to mark 11/20 and 12/2 on the calendar (and do a lot of polishing in the meantime). :)

  3. And we only get to pick 4... Tough choices!

  4. Holy cow. *bows to the contest queen*

  5. I had such a blast with this last year, and learned SO much from my mentor. Good luck to everyone who enters (and you all should enter!)

  6. Sounds interesting. I'll have to try and finish writing by then!

  7. I'm definitely ready to be in Pitch Wars. The problem will be narrowing it down to which three mentors to pitch to.

  8. Such an awesome opportunity. Thanks for doing it yet again, Brenda!


  9. Wow - Wow. I will be participating, and thank you Brenda for hosting this.

  10. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf, Fairy Godmother!

  11. How fun! And a great way to encourage new writers and build up the writing community as a whole! I love it!